Eliana French

At the ripe young age of fifteen, I discovered the joy of being behind a lens. Running around my small town with a camera over my shoulder is what ultimately got me through the awkwardness of High School. Today it is what gets me through the awkwardness of adulthood. 

I am a Telecommunications senior, at the University of Florida.  I spend my time begging my roommates to be models for just “one more” sunset and standing in line at the nearest Bento for a bowl of Lo Mein. The next year of life is full of the unknown. Where will I live in 2019? Am I a real adult or is this faking it till I make it?

Yet, I am sure about photography. I know that wherever I end up, it will be with a camera around my neck.

If you're looking for a photographer who can let you feel the feels in front of the camera, look no further. I love spending time with my clients and talking about truths during a session. I think small talk limits one’s ability to be themselves when the shutter snaps and aren’t we all just interested in that authentic moment anyways?

I cannot wait to get to know YOU. Email me and let’s get started. 

Check out my latest video work below!


This is the story of a young sports reporter and his journey to find success. Nikko Tan overcame family tensions and personal doubt over the course of his young adult life but by his early 20's he was standing on the sidelines at the Super Bowl.